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Ceramic Stains are metal oxides with complex inorganic structures containing transition elements that are produced by means of a controlled calcination process at high temperatures. Thermal stability, resistance and appropiate particle size provide our pigments with high colour intensity. Their easy dispersion make them optimal for any type of colouration.


Ceramic Stains contain matrix with colouring agent in it. The colour is formed due to dispersion of colouring agent/crystals in the glass/glaze matrix .The matrix of ceramic stain embeds the colouring agent and ensures optimum interaction with the incoming light to get the desired colour/shade in the final product. The colour providing substance has to be temperature resistant and also chemically inert in the glaze/glass melt

A full chromatic range of ceramic pigments that provide the best colour stability, high performance and homogeneity are listed below

By Type

Glaze Stains

Vitrified Body Stains

Third Fired Stains

Glass Mosaic Stains

Roto Ceramic Stains

By Industry









Product Code Description "Main Colour Contributing Cations" Indicative Colour (3% dosing in Standard White Body) Max Temperature
CTD 1051  Pr. Yellow  Zr-Pr-Si    1180° C 
CTD 2001  Al. Blue  Co-Al-Si    1250° C 
CTD-8396 Coral pink Zr-Fe-Si    1250° C 
CTD 2204  Silica Blue  Co-Si    1350° C 
CTD 3203  Chrome Green  Cr-AI    1300° C 
CTD 4201  Roman Brown  Fe-Cr-Zn    1250° C 
CTD 4126  Red Brown  Fe-Cr-Zn    1250° C 
CTD 2105 AL Blue Co-AI- Si   1250° C 
CTD 6330  Black  Mn-Cr -Co-Ni    1250° C 
CTD 7018X  Magenta  Ca-Sn-Cr    1250° C 
CTD-4246 Wooden brown Fe-cr-zn   1250° C 
CTD 2608  Royal Blue  Co-Si-P-Ca    1250° C 
CTD 1605  Turquoise Blue Zr-V-Si    1250° C 
CTD-0026 Blood red   Cd -se   1350° C 
CTD-3400 Co.blue green Co-cr   1250° C 
CTD-4701G Coffee brown Fe-Cr-Mn-Zn   1250° C 
CTD-1325 Golden yellow Zr-Si-P   1250° C 
CTD-3626 Aqua marine blue Zr-V-Si   1250° C 
CTD-1290 Rosso Cd-Se-Si   1250° C 
CTD-0076 Fanta Orange Cd-Se-Si   1250° C 
CTD-8326 Pink Zr-Fe-si   1250° C 
CTD-6626 BhamaBeige Zr-V-P-Fe-SI   1250° C 
CTD-3303 Aqua green Co-cr   1350° C  
CTD-6717 Ivory Zr-V-P-Fe-SI   1250° C 


Product Code Description "Main Colour Contributing Cations" Indicative Colour (3% dosing in Standard White Body) Max Temperature
CTD 10024  Al. Blue  Co-Al-Zn   1250° C 
CTD 11020  Si. Blue  Co-Si-Zn   1250° C 
CTD 31235  Orange  Ti-Sb-Cr    1250° C 
CTD 61019  Black  Fe-Cr   1250° C 
CTD 35629 Mushroom Ti-Sb-Cr-Fe-Si   1250° C 
CTD 71101  Green  Cr-Si   1250° C 
CTD 90001  Ivory  Ti-Zr-Si-Pr    1300° C 
CTD 61029  Black  Fe-Cr   1300° C 
CTD-81190 CoffeeBrown Fe-Cr-Al   1250° C 
CTD 41215  Pink  Mn-Al-Ca    1300° C 
CTD-10022 Co.Blue Co-Al-Zn   1300° C 
CTD-61125 Golden brown Ti-Sb-Cr-W    1250° C 
CTD-71100 Green Cr-Al   1300° C 
CTD-56850 Brick Red Fe-si   1250° C 
CTD-31242 Orange Ti-Sb-Cr    1250° C  
CTD 91005  Lemon Yellow  Zr-Pr-Si    1300° C 
CTD-81130 Coffee Brown Fe-Cr-Al   1250° C 
CTD-56718 Tomato Red Fe-si   1250° C 
CTD 20001  Turquoise Blue  Zr-V-Si    1250° C 
CTD 61123  Chocolate Brown  Ti-Sb-Cr-W  1250° C 

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