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Zero-maintenance batteries have revolutionized the lead battery industry. One of the key components is a special ceramic filter disc. These are porous discs with perfectly tailored pore size and porosity, press fitted into the Cap.


Flame arresting:  In an event of sparking outside a battery, they prevent the propagation/ ingress of flame from outside to inside by the use of a matrix of uniform openings that are carefully constructed   to quench the flame. This provides an extinguishing barrier to the ignited flame.

Zero top-up: Small & uniform pores along with the water repellent properties prevents depletion of electrolyte through the pores.

Venting: Tailored pore size and pore volume ensures controlled venting of gases, heat developed especially during charging, preventing the build-up of gases that can otherwise lead to explosion.

Comparison Of Polymer Vs Ceramic Micro-Porous Filter Discs

Key features:
CFA Polymer Vs Ceramic

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